Floral Handmade favours

So it's been three months since our very first Secret Garden Supper Club and some of you may be wondering what's next? Well this summer I've been beavering away and working on the new website for everything Secret Garden related. Which means that I've been going through the photos again from the very first edition of Secret Garden Supper Club in May and stumbled upon these photos of the handmade favours which were given to guests. The idea was to make favors which were perfectly in keeping with the fine dining experience and to create something special for each guest which not only tapped into the five senses but also acted as a memento of the whole experience. Given the abundance of colour in the venue,  floral handmade soaps wrapped in linen were designed to be simple but added a sweet surprise to the end of the evening.

Photo: Maya Maréchal. Styling: Native Native

Photo: Maya Maréchal. Styling: Native Native

If you're feeling inspired then here are some tips on how to make your own favors like this at home...

I've tried various dried flowers and oils and this recipe tends to work best.

1. Decide on the fragrance, colour and texture of the soap you want to create.

2. Source some dried flowers that will give your soap some colour and texture.  Dried calendula petals work well because they have a vibrant yellow colour and don't go mouldy when the soap is wet (unlike other flowers like lavender).

3. Order some melt and pour soap which comes in a range of colours and fragrances..

4. The soap base will come as a block so you will need to cut up a small amount to make one soap. Once you have made one individual soap you will be able to estimate the quantity to make 10 or more.

5. Melt the soap in the microwave using 30 second bursts. Make sure it doesn't boil otherwise there will be too many air bubbles and your soap won't be smooth.

6. Once it's melted add the essential oil of your choice, dried flowers and natural colouring.  Cumin can be used as a natural yellow colouring if you would like to make soap using dried calendula petals, orange essential oil also smells divine and matches the colours of the petals nicely. 

7. Pour the mixture into the silicone mould and leave it to set.

8. Once it's set then carefully remove each soap from the mould and cut it up or remove any rough edges.

9. Cut out a piece of linen to the right size to be able to wrap the soap entirely. 

10. As a finishing touch tie up the fabric using some twine or rafia to create a rustic look... et voila!! 

Photography: Maya Maréchal, Event Design & Styling: Native Native

Photography: Maya Maréchal, Event Design & Styling: Native Native

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