press - November 2017

How to Create a Thanksgiving Dinner Inspired by the French Riviera

“A perfect dinner party should enchant your guests while making them feel at home,” says event designer Imogen Bailey. “You want to craft a sensory experience that brings people together; one that helps guests feel like they’re part of something special.”


Metal Magazine - September 2017

Secret Garden Supper Club

"Unlike eating out in a restaurant, the concept of Secret Garden Supper Club is to put local artisans at the heart of the experience. Each dinner is like listening to an orchestra where everyone in the team has their own rhythm and style but we work together to create a harmony – that’s when the magic happens."


Elle Decor - September 2017

There is a secret garden supper club on the French Riviera and we want in

"If you're ready for an elevated food experience with a little bit of mystery, there's a new fine dining pop-up that should be on your radar." - May 2017

A Secret Garden–Inspired Dinner Party in the French Riviera

"Each event is set in an unexpected location in the French Riviera and brought to life with elements that capture the natural essence of the area—wild herbs, indigenous flowers, seasonal ingredients, and products culled from local artisanal talents."